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girlwithtattoo dodano: 18 października 2019

I'm slowly killing myself, I'm trying so hard at the back of the shelf. It's just the same every day, I'm writing these songs that will never get played. I get told what's wrong and what's right, I don't have a romantic life. And everyone's dying, so I keep on trying. To make them proud before they are gone. Oh, please someone help me. I don't care anyone, anything, 'Cause I'm so sick of being so lonely, miss all my family. Oh, I don't care, anyone, anything, 'Cause I'm so sick of being so lonely. I'm spending more than I earn, drink all the time to forget I'm not her, 'Cause I go to parties sometimes and I'll kiss a boy and pretend for the night 'Cause I don't know much about me I'm still ashamed of who I used to be, so I try way too hard, but I still miss the mark to fit in... Help me!

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