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nadiee8 dodano: 5 dni temu

and you know what? at the beginning you've said I don't believe you and I don't trust you.. but I believed in everything you've said and I believed that you can make me happy as you said you will do everything for me and you make me the happiest woman on the earth and that's why I started thinking I am not happy with him... you made me realise I don't wanna be with him, that I can be happy with you, so I broke up with him FOR YOU... but what if all you've said it was just words? you said you can be romantic for me... you've said that you can just book a holidays without telling me and make a surprise, you've said you'll move to Poland for me.. you've said you want to marry me... you've said you want to build a house with me... you've said you will make me happy... and we will be like this for ever, not just at the beginning and I told you it all sounds like a movie... cos it does... and you'll see we will just be like all the other couples... cos life is not a movie..

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