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nadiee8 dodano: 5 dni temu

ok, I had to start writing again... I don't think it's good, cos I feel like I can't tell you everything... I did tell you how I feel today and what? you aking for happy me back... so if you don't want 'this shit' then here you go. I'll be happy with you, I'll hide all my feelings, cos I don't want to make you sad... but don't ask me why my wall is so high, because that's exactly the reason... whenever I open up I feel like I shouldn't. So there you go, I will open up to this fucking website instead to you. and you'll get only good things, but I am telling you now it won't work like this ;) it won't work when you will hide all your feellings.. if you won't start telling me everything I won't be able to be with you ;) cos that's something I need.. and how many times did I tell you this? that's the problem... no one listens to me, to what I am saying and then you are surprised that something didn't work out ;)

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